Sunday, September 26, 2010

On Tour..

Hey Rockers! Blog Rock is on the road these days. The tour ends November 2, 2010. I'm working on a lineup for those of you with the patience of a saint. I have a few designs booked, but plenty of room on the bus. So if you can wait a few weeks for a rockin blog shoot me an email

Rock On!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crying Over Spilled Milk - 3 Column Format

Meet Miss..

We all ask the question from time to time....

The next thing you know youre...
I just LOVE it when I get a blogger with a unique title and they entrust me to incorporate it into the feel of the blog. Jennifer is quite a hottie as you can see..
So tooning her was not as easy as you would think. But it was fun trying capture her natural beauty for blogger-land. Don't blame her, she was drawn that way...
The cookie and milk martini were her artistic directions for blog rock, as well as keeping the palette in the shades of black and gray.
I think my favorite detail is her "grab button" I just love the spilled milk. Go On Grab it and pop on over to Jennifer's place and send her some Blog Rock Love!!

Rock On my fellow headbangers!
Mary RC

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Faith Hope and Love - 3 Column Format

Shannon is quite the inspirational blogger. She found Blog Rock via Sweet Jeanette. She loved the bright colors and wanted some for herself. I have to give Shannon the patience award. I was trying to use a new program to make blog design easier. Whelp, it was creating more problems than it was worth and I had to go back to blog rock basics and totally redo her digs. Thank You Shannon!
Shannon's artistic inspiration was the Cherry Blossom Tree.. I added the doves, I thought they fit with her faithful title. And finally here we have her signature donning her favorite color... green...

Monday, April 19, 2010

For Janiece

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blogs Designed by Blog Rock

Please click on the blog title to view additional details on the blog design, click your back button to return to this post.

Crying Over Spilled Milk - Rock n' Roll All Night Package

Faith Hope and Love FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK PACKAGE (with 3rd column add on)

Celebrate Today The Superchick Way "ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE PACKAGE"



Stacey's Respite "For Those About to Rock Package" with Custom Cartoon Add On

FOR SALE $35 ($50 value) Coffee Talk

FOR SALE $35 ($50 value) Country Girl

FOR SALE $35 (more than $50 value) Vintage Butterfly

Menopausal New Mom "I Love Rock n' Roll" Package with Custom Cartoon Add On

Stir Fry Awesomeness "I Love Rock n' Roll" Package with Custom Cartoon Add On

Boulder City Party Time "For Those About to Rock Package" with Navigation Bar Add On

BJ's Makeup Blog "I Love Rock n' Roll" Package with Custom Cartoon and Navigation Bar Add Ons

Tampons and Chocolate, "I Love Rock N' Roll" Package with 2 Custom Cartoon Add On's

Sweet Jeanette, "Rock You Like a Hurricane" Package

Housewife Savant "For Those About to Rock" Package, with istock cartoon purchase

Happy Hour Somewhere "I Love Rock n' Roll" Package with Custom Cartoon Add On

Semi Controlled Chaos "I Want You to Rock Me" Package with istock cartoons purchase

Bliss "I Want You to Rock Me" with istock cartoons purchase

Shaking the Tree "Rock You Like a Hurricane" Package

Celebrate Today - 2 column format

Genevieve is a new blogger that visited some of your rocking blogs and had to ROCK OUT herself. She is a "superchick" I love that dont you! Her favorite colors are Purple and Green. She wanted a girly, rocker mom look... and she came to the right custom designer, if I do say so myself...
She also loves lattes and her iphone, so we had to drop those in the design as well. Click on her button below to visit this new blogger and become her friend, I know you'll love this Rocker Super Chick!
celebrate today


MOMentum of Motherhood - 2 Column

Rockin' The MOMentum! Cara and Jenn are two gals with one blog. They're BFF's in real life. MOMentum of Motherhood is a place where you can enjoy their motherhood antics and survival skills.
Grateful Sunday is also an awesome Meme You should join for sure. Click on the buttons above and visit Momentum of Motherhood.


Blissful Blog Makeovers-Stretch Fomat

Jeanette is a Stretch Format fan. She likes that the design fits into any size screeen and she can type to her hearts content with out feeling like her readers are scrolling too much to keep up.
Words for This Day
You may know my good buddy, who is the blogger responsible for my blogging. My BBFF (best blogger friend forever) Well her newest endeavor is Words for This Day. Jeanette is a fabulous inspirational writer. So take a gander at the new digs we set up for her.

Bliss got a recent Spring Makeover as well. Bright, cheery and blissful just in time for sunny weather. Jeanette hates the winter so these colors help keep her spirits up. Isnt it cute how her cartoons match... LOVE THAT!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Follow

Friday Follow
My Blogger Friend Lynn is an awesome so dedicated blogger.  She started a great meme called Friday Follow.  I was lucky enough to design a snazzy new button for the weekly event.  This is my first opportunity to participate, and I am totally stoked.  I've noticed some of my buds already participate, I only hang with smart people. It so totally makes sense, and helps to increase traffic to your blog.  If your not following Lynn at Midday Escapades, I highly suggest you do, she is a plethora of blogger info.  I only hope she never becomes too blogger busy for me..

post signature

Thursday, January 7, 2010

friday follow button final

i think to crop further taints the layout. this is as small is i can get it aesthetically speaking. i do hope that's okay. its only 180 pixels wide and should fit nicely in most sidebars. these kids are so flippin cute.. they crack me up.. LOL

i could run a bit of text through it. but i really prefer it without.