Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle!!

Hi I'm Mary RC, you can find out more about me and my antics at Shaking the Tree. I'm new to blog design but I LOVE it! Contact me and lets work it out.

Right now I'm specializing in Blogger and the Stretch Formats. I prefer the stretch formats so readers have less scrolling to do, which in my eye is less intimidating.

BUT I'll do anything you want. Any style (not just rocker style) And since I'm new at this, I'll give you a screamin deal if you'll give me a little patience.

More Soon

Rock On!
Mary RC

Bliss- Design for Jeanette Shumway - stretch

Here we have a custom header I created for Jeanette. She is a mother of six great children. Capturing the personalities of her kids was so fun.
this is her sidebar design

visit Jeanette's blog for a look at the final design!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Wanna Rock! - Blog Rock Information

Welcome to Blog Rock! My name is Mary Rockwood-Crabtree. I'm a mom, wife, makeup artist, graphic artist, web designer and blog designer. Yes, I keep busy and in that order.

I love to design blogs for people. I hope that you find what I do to be unique. Thus far most of my blogger clients have come to me for that very reason. Although I have absolutly no problem working with existing art from sites like, I much prefer to create my own. I've noticed that there are alot of repeat characters out there in blogger land, which is why I started to create custom vector characters. So far I think everyone has been super excited about the results.

At this time I am only designing for Blogger Blogs.


Once a client has decided to use my talents. They fill out a questionnaire via email to help me better understand what they're looking for. I usually work in this order:

Custom Cartoon (if desired)
Sidebar Headers
Grab Button

*I upload the process onto a test blog of mine for your approval. The quicker you respond to my approval emails, the quicker your new blog design will be loaded. Once you are happy.....
*I will send you an invoice via PAYPAL (if you do not have a PayPal account, I suggest you sign up as the process can take 3 or 4 days to verify) You also have the option of sending me a check or money order.
*Once payment is received I will notify you. Then I will need you to...
*Send me your login and password to your Blogger Account.
*I will upload the design into your blog.
*Wha La! Your Rockin!

I typically design blogs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday IF I'm not booked on a makeup gig. This is why I keep my prices low, because it may take me a while from time to time. I run on Pacific Standard Time and do not work on the weekends.

You can learn more about me at Shaking the Tree, my personal blog.