Monday, August 31, 2009

Housewife Savant.. 3 column

Kelly has been a great blogger bud... Check out the makeover I did on her duds... Housewife Savant Rocks!! Not that it didn't before. As you can see I'm venturing out into new lands, I've learned alot, its been super fun...
Here we have a close up of her sidebar butt... i mean button..

Here is a lovely screen capture for you to click on for a close up.
Here she is at the bar... I mean here is her header bar.
And her button to dial into her blog... and it works, click on it i dare ya.

Kelly's original header was a shot of her washing machine knob and she really loved it. So keeping in the washing machine theme I found and doctored this washer control panel to suit Kel's original feel. And doesn't the character look just like her? Her profile pic has her holding writing supplies, so when I came upon this character, I knew it was just right. Although it made Kelly cut bangs in RL, so apparently she REALLY liked it!!

Contact me if you're interested in Rockin your blog...!!