Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stacey's Respite, 2 column, Custom Cartoon

Meet Stacey of Stacey's Respite and musings of a spiritual life as a single mother living in Hollywood. Wow that last word says alot I think. Stacey was so very easy to work with, she wanted it simple and spiritual. We started with her custom cartoon. Here is RL Stacey with short hair. She told me her hair is longer than this but not to her shoulders just yet. Isn't it a great shot of her? She has the prettiest eye color, not so easy to convey in vector, let me tell ya!
In the end she loved her new hair do and I think the resemblence is un-canny!
Here are all the Inspirational pictures she sent me. This was perfect, I totally "got it" with these shots.

I literally lifted all the colors from these pictures to get them just right.
Here we have her Grab Button, I love the glow on my black background. Click on this button to visit her blog.

Click for a close up of her header, I went all out on the detail, I was having too much fun trying to convey the yogi touch.
Isn't the Hollywood sign so cute, her suggestion of course. And click below to check out a screen capture of her blog.
Visit Stacey at Stacey's Respite for some amazing insight on balancing motherhood, single life and spirituality in Hollywood of all places. Thanks for "Rockin" with me Stacey!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Menopausal New Mom, 3 Column Format

Meet Deb, she is a mother of a 3 year old who is also in full blown Menopause. She basically has the right to do what ever the heck she wants in my book. New Motherhood and Menopause, thats a doozy!

After custom cartoonizing we found this picture for the color inspiration.

Next I designed her header. I thought a flaming woman in a nursery was appropriate. Deb invisioned her MenoNewMom juggling the words of the things she deals with on a daily basis.
Here is a headshot of Deb's beautiful face.She's now gone anon with MenoNewMom as her Avatar.
Her new favicon is a flaming MenoNewMom, she looks hot to me.
And sticking with the hot flash theme, Deb's signature is on fire as well.
Click on this screen capture below to view Deb's Menopausal New Mom blog in action.
Now click on Deb's grab button and visit her for a real taste of her Rockin Blog!

Thanks Deb for Rockin with Blog Rock!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Stir Fry Awsomeness 3 Column

Another Rockin Convert to exploit today. Meet "Stir Fry Awesomeness"..... She is totally awesome. Her favorite colors are turquoise and greens. Can you tell. She's one of those girls that doesn't post her image online, but she really has eyes as beautiful as these I promise!

Some close up looks at her Button and Header!

Thank you Stir Fry for letting me Rock Your Blog!!


Rock your blog for free!
follow these instructions to glam up your blog for Thanksgiving.

1. Sign in to Blogger or click on your Dashboard.
2. Click on Layout.
3. Click "Add a Gadget"
4. Click on the "+ HTML/JavaScript"
5. Paste the entire following HTML code into the new popup window

<script>document.write(unescape("%3Cstyle%20type%3D%22text/css%22%3E%0Abody%20%7B background-image %3A%20url%28%22http%3A// %22%29%3B%20background-position%3A%20center%3B%20background-repeat%3A%20no-repeat%3B%20 background-attachment %3A%20fixed%3B%20%7D%0A%3C/style%3E%0A%3Cdiv%20id%3D%22tag%22%20 style%3D%22position%3Aabsolute %3B%20left%3A0px%3B%20top%3A30px%3B%20z-index%3A50%3B%20 width%3A150px%3B%20height%3A45px%3B%22%3E%0A%3Ca%20href%3D%22 http%3A// %3D%22http%3A// %3E%0A%3C/a%3E%3C/div%3E%20"));</script>

6. Click '"save" and your Rockin.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

blog rock giveaway WINNER WINNER

So after accounting for everyone's entries, I then assigned them all number and then I used Randomizer. Here is the screen capture!
And the Lucky winner is number 9... watch this Vlog to see who #9 is..

Yay for Janiece! She really worked this giveaway! Cant wait to see what she comes up with for Ideas!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pre Made Blog Design for Sale, Country Girl City Life


I'm seriously in a retro mood these days. I've had this clip art for years and years and finally I have a chance to use it. Remember this is my own fictitious blog title. I've just seen alot of blogs of this genre. This is for sale for $35.00, it too is an I Love Rock n' Roll package which retails for $50.00.. If this design suits your fancy contact me and I can make it yours in a jiffy!

Changes other than text will be an additional $5 to $15 each, depending on the change.

Pre Made Blog Design for Sale, Coffee Talk


This is a fun 50's inspired design. I was feeling retro when I put this doll together. This is for sale for $35.00, it too is an I Love Rock n' Roll package which retails for $50.00.. If this design suits your fancy contact me and I can make it yours in a jiffy!

Changes other than text will be an additional $5 to $15 each, depending on the change.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pre Made Design for Sale, Vintage Butterfly

I came across some clip art that I love and have been saving for a while, and couldn't resist putting together this cute Vintage inspired design. It is for sale for $35.00 it is more than a $50.00 I Love Rock n' Roll value. It comes with two additional Custom sidebar headers, which is not normally part of the package. Changes other than text will be an additional $5.00 to $15.00 each.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Blog Rock is hosting a giveaway! A FAB giveaway! What is it you say? A fancy schmancy new blog design of course. It's a fast one too, only a week long.

This giveaway ends WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 10TH!!

The winner will receive an "I Love Rock n' Roll" package. $50 Retail value..


You can qualify by:

POSTING ABOUT BLOG ROCK ON YOUR BLOG = 2 entries (be sure to link back to Blog Rock and email me a link to your post
REFER A FRIEND TO THIS POST = 2 entries (tell them to mention your name in a comment)

I'm so excited about this, I cant wait to see who's gonna win...

Mary RC

Boulder City Party Time, 3 Column

Well this is my newest personal blog, but I thought I would post it anyway. I used to host a website that was dedicated to my Halloween Bash, but one of the couples dropped out of the hosting so it was time to come up with a new name. Also, it was a site I had build on Yahoo's ancient page builder. Its all going away, and I figured blogging would be a better way to showcase slide shows from the party. We are also considering throwing other shin digs throughout the year as well. The Theatre Marquee idea popped into my head as I was searching fonts and the rest is Blog Rock History. Theres just no stopping me when the idea is on a roll.

Here is a screen capture.
I opted for a side navigation bar versus the center top, it was taking away from the header IMO.
This header was so fun. I plan on changing the now playing with each party. It would be cool if the latest post would automatically generate there, but that is too complicated for blogger.
The sidebar headers are keeping names in lights.
I cant help but Rock out my own stuff you know. A simple to do, wouldn't do..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BJ's Makeup Blog - 2 column

BJ is a makeup artist. BJ lives in Las Vegas. BJ is a very dear friend of mine. We have alot in common :) So I've been hounding her forever about blogging. She has so many stories and pictures that it was just a shame that this wasn't happening. So on a gig last week I was showing her all the Blog Rockin I had been doing and she caved! "OMG Mar! Okay make me a blog. They're so freaking cute!" She cut me a check then and there. She's very proactive.

The design was primarily to keep in the same vein as her website. Eventually she will have a link to her blogging antics.

I must admit, it sure is fun to toon your friends. She doesn't have the highlights anymore so i eliminated them.

Purple and green have always been BJ's thing so I had to get the green back in there.

BJ is TOTALLY new to blogging. She doesn't even know what a comment is... LOL so leave her one so we can freak her out when she gets the email notification I set her up on! She does have great tips and stories though, so be sure to Ask BJ! Visit BJ's Makeup Blog and see for yourself!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Hour Somewhere, Three Column Format

All the cool kids are 3 column formatting these days. Let me introduce you to Kat from Happy Hour Somewhere. She found me through the lovely Miss L from Tampons and Chocolate. Kat's inspiration for her blog was pretty simple she loves black, greens and jewel tones and Jack Daniels. Well you ask Blog Rock and you shall receive. Anything goes..
I took elements from the J.D. design and worked them into Happy Hour Somewhere's new look.
But first I wanted to capture Kat's pretty face for Kustom Kartoon Kat! Doesnt she have a great smile?
Here we've worked Kat's favorite things into her header. A highballer, a teddy bear (as she refers to one daughter) and a bowl of Hot Tamales (as she refers to the other daughter)
In her grab button I utilized the center of the J.D. design. I really dig this. And below click on the screen capture to view custom backgrounds. I made them all from scratch. I may not be so good in the kitchen but I can rock the keyboard..

Finally we have her Signature and Favicon.

So visit Happy Hour Somewhere for the full effect, I also threw in a scrolly frienship button, too much widget clutter nerves me..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sweet Jeanette

Sweet Jeanette found me in a round about way, neither of us are sure how, but I think we are both happy we did. Jeanette told me she's a domestic princess who LOVES cupcakes and hot pink. Her color inspiration came from the colorful skirt in this photoShe also wanted a custom vector toon, which is my favorite part of the process. I get to makeup people digitally!Her header is made entirely with custom vectors and background designs. Here is the screen capture of her blog. Her backgrounds are all custom as well.

And her cupcake buttons and grab button (click on it to visit Jeanette).
Cant wait to see who wants to "Rock" with me next!