Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Hour Somewhere, Three Column Format

All the cool kids are 3 column formatting these days. Let me introduce you to Kat from Happy Hour Somewhere. She found me through the lovely Miss L from Tampons and Chocolate. Kat's inspiration for her blog was pretty simple she loves black, greens and jewel tones and Jack Daniels. Well you ask Blog Rock and you shall receive. Anything goes..
I took elements from the J.D. design and worked them into Happy Hour Somewhere's new look.
But first I wanted to capture Kat's pretty face for Kustom Kartoon Kat! Doesnt she have a great smile?
Here we've worked Kat's favorite things into her header. A highballer, a teddy bear (as she refers to one daughter) and a bowl of Hot Tamales (as she refers to the other daughter)
In her grab button I utilized the center of the J.D. design. I really dig this. And below click on the screen capture to view custom backgrounds. I made them all from scratch. I may not be so good in the kitchen but I can rock the keyboard..

Finally we have her Signature and Favicon.

So visit Happy Hour Somewhere for the full effect, I also threw in a scrolly frienship button, too much widget clutter nerves me..

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