Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BJ's Makeup Blog - 2 column

BJ is a makeup artist. BJ lives in Las Vegas. BJ is a very dear friend of mine. We have alot in common :) So I've been hounding her forever about blogging. She has so many stories and pictures that it was just a shame that this wasn't happening. So on a gig last week I was showing her all the Blog Rockin I had been doing and she caved! "OMG Mar! Okay make me a blog. They're so freaking cute!" She cut me a check then and there. She's very proactive.

The design was primarily to keep in the same vein as her website. Eventually she will have a link to her blogging antics.

I must admit, it sure is fun to toon your friends. She doesn't have the highlights anymore so i eliminated them.

Purple and green have always been BJ's thing so I had to get the green back in there.

BJ is TOTALLY new to blogging. She doesn't even know what a comment is... LOL so leave her one so we can freak her out when she gets the email notification I set her up on! She does have great tips and stories though, so be sure to Ask BJ! Visit BJ's Makeup Blog and see for yourself!!

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