Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sweet Jeanette

Sweet Jeanette found me in a round about way, neither of us are sure how, but I think we are both happy we did. Jeanette told me she's a domestic princess who LOVES cupcakes and hot pink. Her color inspiration came from the colorful skirt in this photoShe also wanted a custom vector toon, which is my favorite part of the process. I get to makeup people digitally!Her header is made entirely with custom vectors and background designs. Here is the screen capture of her blog. Her backgrounds are all custom as well.

And her cupcake buttons and grab button (click on it to visit Jeanette).
Cant wait to see who wants to "Rock" with me next!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tampons and Chocolate ??

Yes, Miss L has a questionable title for her blog, but the story behind the title is brought to life if you read here. When she contacted me via Housewife Savant I was excited to see what we could come up with together. First we have a screen capture. click to see the large version.

Isn't it freakin beautiful? This girl knew what she wanted and together we achieved it.. I believe. Now for some details. First I illustrated a custom vector image just for her. She's pretty low profile, but lemme tell you she is REALLY this cute in RL!

Here we have her side bar images, she chose to go with a blogger friendly sidebar, they automatically show up on any widget you create.
Her button, go ahead and grab it when you visit her, its so cute it should adorn anyone's blog who appreciates Tampons and Chocolate.

And finally how about a close up look at her header... go on click it... check out her menstrual cycle up close (dont you love that ha, ha!)..

A big THANK YOU to "L" for letting me "ROCK HER BLOG" you know you wanna rock out too!
EMAIL ME: mary@maryrc.com

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Button Button, I've got the Button!!

Here ae a few custom button characters I've done. first we have Lene from Embrace the Chaos!

Next We have Bren from Luv Ur Kids.
Both Ladies are super inspirational, it was fun to capture them in cartoon. Contact me for your own custom character, only $20.00

Shaking the Tree - stretch format

With my recent creative juice flow, I couldn't resist giving my own blog a makeover.

Here is my custom, one of a kind header! I did the complete graphic design.
Next we have my sidebar button design..
Here's my fun grab button.... go on grab it!!
And last but not least, my background suitable for stretchy format!
Anyone who's ever been in my home probably notices that my color scheme is identical. For me the Shaking the Tree title represents a number of things, my love for music (I try to match my post titles to song names, i know dork), Shaking the Tree is one of my favorite albums by Peter Gabriel, the song Shaking the Tree speaks volumes to me, I like to shake things up, not big on a boring life, and the Tree goes along with my last name Crabtree...
Visit Shaking the Tree for the full effect!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

semi controlled chaos- 3 column format

A new design for by bud Becky! You can meet her at Semi Controlled Chaos. And see the fun design I put together for her. Here are some details for you to see up close like..
Her Header.. (Background and borders are all custom designed)Her Button... Semi Controlled Chaos
Her Side Bar Buttons... (Background and borders are all custom designed)And her Signature...
Becky has three amazing little girls, their story is one of magic. They are truly blessed to have a fairy godmother as their mom aka Becky. They are a rambunctious little bunch and remind me of Tinkerbell. When I saw these fairies I knew they were the girls and Becky concurred.

Visit her blog to get the full effect. I'd love to hear your feedback...