Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shaking the Tree - stretch format

With my recent creative juice flow, I couldn't resist giving my own blog a makeover.

Here is my custom, one of a kind header! I did the complete graphic design.
Next we have my sidebar button design..
Here's my fun grab button.... go on grab it!!
And last but not least, my background suitable for stretchy format!
Anyone who's ever been in my home probably notices that my color scheme is identical. For me the Shaking the Tree title represents a number of things, my love for music (I try to match my post titles to song names, i know dork), Shaking the Tree is one of my favorite albums by Peter Gabriel, the song Shaking the Tree speaks volumes to me, I like to shake things up, not big on a boring life, and the Tree goes along with my last name Crabtree...
Visit Shaking the Tree for the full effect!!

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