Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crying Over Spilled Milk - 3 Column Format

Meet Miss..

We all ask the question from time to time....

The next thing you know youre...
I just LOVE it when I get a blogger with a unique title and they entrust me to incorporate it into the feel of the blog. Jennifer is quite a hottie as you can see..
So tooning her was not as easy as you would think. But it was fun trying capture her natural beauty for blogger-land. Don't blame her, she was drawn that way...
The cookie and milk martini were her artistic directions for blog rock, as well as keeping the palette in the shades of black and gray.
I think my favorite detail is her "grab button" I just love the spilled milk. Go On Grab it and pop on over to Jennifer's place and send her some Blog Rock Love!!

Rock On my fellow headbangers!
Mary RC

1 comment:

  1. Very fun! I like the martini glass as well. The grey & white overall give it an understated feeling, while the red or cheetah print on her shirt totally drawas attention to her (as if her hot toon self wasn't drawing enough attention anyways!) Well done! this is one of my favorites that you've done so far!