Saturday, May 15, 2010

Faith Hope and Love - 3 Column Format

Shannon is quite the inspirational blogger. She found Blog Rock via Sweet Jeanette. She loved the bright colors and wanted some for herself. I have to give Shannon the patience award. I was trying to use a new program to make blog design easier. Whelp, it was creating more problems than it was worth and I had to go back to blog rock basics and totally redo her digs. Thank You Shannon!
Shannon's artistic inspiration was the Cherry Blossom Tree.. I added the doves, I thought they fit with her faithful title. And finally here we have her signature donning her favorite color... green...


  1. I really like this one! Man, I wish I could afford you! LOL.

  2. I like the cherry blossoms & the doves as well. Nice touch.

  3. I love my blog! Hey Mary, how are you doing?